The one and only tracking device that will keep track of all your worthfull items. At the MEES HQ we thought this was the missing part. Now we never have to search for it again.

  • Use the app to see current location
  • Use the app to let the Chipolo ring
  • Press the Chipolo twice to ring your phone
  • Contains selfie feature


Chipolo to anything you don’twant to lose and connect itto the Chipolo app.


Chipolo from the app ordouble press it to ring your phone.Even if it’s on silent.

Share your Chipolos

Do you share your car keys with yourloved ones? Just share your Chipolowith their Chipolo account andyou’ll both be able to track them.


If you lose your Chipolo, you’ll automatically be notified of it’s most recent location whenever another Chipolo user is near yours.


RANGE: 200ft – line of sight (60m)
THICKNESS: 0.19in (5mm)
SIZE: 1.37in ø (3.5cm ø)