The Basics

A leather product has to be used one month to know that it is good made. Please send us an email as soon as possible when something isn’t the way it supposed to be. We will then contact you within three workday about the solutions.

Shipping to:


We will offer you a repair service when something breaks outside the warranty period of one month. Please send us pictures of the problem by email and we will tell you if it’s worth to use our repairing service. If it’s worth to use our repairing service we will send you an email with the estimated shipping and repair costs. If it’s not worth to use our repair service we will tell you as well and suggest you to go to a local (clothing) repairing shop.


If you live in the Netherlands you will receive your package within 24 hours.

If you live in the rest of the world the the average estimated delivery time is 1 week.

Every product is available to purchase, within 5 working days you will receive your tracking code, (This is an estimated time that we could either make the product you purchased or just send it to you right away) We ship everywhere in the world.

As soon as your product is shipped we will send you a tracking number by email.